duo MERLANTE – MAZZOLI early romantic guitar and fortepiano

duo FOLENA – MERLANTE early romantic guitar and historical flutes

duo “ZIGIOTTI – MERLANTE” mandolins and guitars/theorbo/archlute (original and modern instruments)

“ECHO” voice, theorbo/historical guitars, other instruments…

LDD: Los Dicho Diabolos, harpsichord and theorbo/baroque guitar

“INCHORDIS” mandolin, harpsichord, theorbo/archlute/baroque guitar

“ITALICO SPLENDORE” ensemble of baroque music with original instruments, from 2 violini and continuo to baroque orchestra


two guitars

viola and guitar

cello and guitar

voice and guitar

guitar and harpsichord

flute, violin and guitar

flaute, viola and guitar

flute, voice and guitar

mandolin, voice and guitar

flute, mandolin, voice and guitar

guitar and string quartet

flute, clarinet and guitar

plectrum quartet/quintet

solo repertoire

guitar and chitarra repertorire